Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July Weekend

The first summer of the month our schedule has been that Grant coaches Mon-Thurs from 1-5pm (soccer 1-2:45 and football 3-5). I have then worked Fridays and Saturdays. At first I was bummed that I wasn't able to get 3 shifts/week in, but I think it's turned out for the best. I am so tired after my shifts that working a third one a week would have been tough. Since July 4th landed on a Saturday, and the boys already don't practice on Friday, the coaches decided to give them Thursday off as well. My first thought was, great, I'll call up the hospital and see if I can work that day. But Grant stopped me before I could even say it and suggested we take a family day. We did go to Gymnastics in the morning, but then canceled swim lessons so we could go to the beach. We packed up our gear and a lunch. Grant even bought a cooler with wheels so that we could have plenty of drinks and snacks to keep us hydrated and content to spend all day at the beach. (We have lived her for 2 years and Grant hadn't been to the beach once!) We arrived at 12:30, and the weather was windy and overcast. We had a great time playing in the sand and water! However, after about an hour, we all started to get a little cold. So we packed up our things and moved the party to Grandma's pool!

Ashlin sure knows how to make grumpy faces...

yet she still looks so beautiful. (And with Cheetos all over her face to boot!) Ashlin did not want to play in the water, so she and I just dug in the sand.

Troy HATED the sand on his feet. We had to carry him all the way to our spot, and then he just stayed on a towel the whole time. (check out Grant's facebook for a pretty funny video of Troy on the sand!) When he wanted to move somewhere, he would walk on the towel and shuffle to keep it under his feet! Grant carried him out to the water. He was fine standing on the wet, hard sand!

He loved feeling the crash of the waves on his feet and sinking into the sand

Abby was a real water bug, just like her dad!

She even found some washed up t-shirt in the water.

My boys!

This was the only place to get a family picture. The sand was wet enough so that Troy would stand on it, but tide was out enough that the water didn't come up to touch Ashlin!

Troy 0n his protective towel!

Playing with mom's sunglasses

My kids and I at Grandma's pool!

Some other cousins showed up as well!

The next two days I worked. (4th of July was time and a half!) But when I got home from work, we took the kids over to the church parking lot. It's in just the right spot to get a nice view of the fireworks from the extravaganza at the High School. There were a ton of people there, including most of the cousins!

Abby and Troy LOVED the fireworks! Abby would clap, and Troy would follow her lead!

Ashlin was mesmerized!

Here's a picture from my little goggle babies! We go up to my mom's house just about every Tues and Thurs right after swimming lessons.


Cyndi said...

I can't believe that Grant hasn't been to the beach the whole time you've lived there! That's it! We're definitely moving in to your back house and dragging you guys to the beach with us every week!

Grant and Stacy said...

I have a job. My job rules my life. I cannot do anything without the permission of the school, the teams I coach, and the Athletic Director. Then, when I do have a day off, I have to clear it with my wife and her work schedule.

Life is REALLY hard for me. (wink.)