Thursday, June 4, 2009

All Caught Up!

Okay, I think I've figured out how to make this blogging thing not so painful. In the last 3 days I have blogged 14 posts. Ouch! Don't feel bad if you didn't read them all, it's mainly for me anyway. I just wanted to get this all out before the baby comes and it gets even harder to blog. Each individual post wasn't that time consuming, but 14 really add up! So I've committed myself to just spend 10-20 min/day working on the blog. If I do it as things happen, that it won't be so tedious. I know most of you have already figured that out. But now I've written my goal down. I'm on the computer everyday anyway, I might as well be blogging too. I find the worst part is waiting for the pictures to upload only 5 at a time. My plan is to start uploading pictures first thing when I sit down. Then I can just check email, facebook, play Mafia Wars, and read others' blogs while I wait. Mix in a little journaling and if I don't finish, save it for the next day. Totally do-able. Maybe now people will actually read my blog. I'm sure people stop checking it because they assume I don't have anything new. Then, when they do check it and I've actually written something, it's way too overwhelming to actually read it. So here I go, wish me luck!

So to go along with this blog, and make the catching up complete, I've thrown in some pictures that I think are adorable and didn't quite fit in with the other 13 posts.

Family fun in the backyard

These guys are always fighting over the pink tricycle. I think Abby will have to get one for her Birthday!

I love this hat! It was given to Grant by Paul Roberts, owner of Lantry's. His son is on Grant's JV team.

Ashlin is my little poser!

I just love the looks these 2 are giving each other. It's so obvious how much they love each other!

I can't believe how grown up Abby is now. She starts Kindergarten in the Fall. I cried last Thursday when they had the pre-K parents walk through the Kindergarten class rooms to observe. Abby is going to love it!

My sweet girls

Abby took this, and aside from Grant's head being cut off, I think she did a pretty good job.

I love watching these 3 play together. They have so much fun!

Either Abby or Ashlin took this one. Again, not bad!

This is proof that Grant drinks and drives!

We went to the Beesley's house for dinner. The kids had a blast! They just weren't too happy about leaving. I've been dealing with this a lot lately. We do fun things and then the kids freak out when it's time to leave, even if we're leaving to go to another fun thing. One day Abby was throwing a fit and started feeling even more sorry for herself. She came storming in the room and said, "Dad never tells me I look cute when I cry". When I inquired about it some more, she claims she heard him tell Ashlin she was so cute one day when she was crying. I told her he must have said that when Ashlin was a baby, because babies look cute no matter what they do. But he doesn't say that now to either of them, because they don't look cute when they cry. Then I asked her to smile and told her that NOW she looked cute. Anyway, when they were throwing the fit, I took a picture of both of them. So now they can see for themselves that they do NOT look cute when they cry!

Nope, not cute!

I mean honestly, this is such a terrible picture of Ashlin... normally so photogenic!

Apparently my kids find it amusing to cross dress!

That's Ashlin hanging from the bar. First day of gymnastics class. She was eligible to start at age 3, but I wouldn't let her until she was potty trained. So as soon as she did it, I signed her up. She started in May! Now whenever she wets her pants she asks, "Do I still get to go to gymnastics?" Abby is standing behind the teacher. They love it! And love being together. This month Brooke is doing it too. Someday I'll take some better pictures. Ashlin has really picked it up fast. She's very athletic and has a lot of strength. Abby excels in grace and rhythm. So different, both very talented. They must take after their mother! =-)

I have the greatest kids, EVER!


Emily said...

Your little cross-dressers are adorable. Jons words: "What!?! Is that Troy!?! When did he get so big? When did they all get so BIG!?!"

Bayles Clan said...

i am seriously crying because i am laughing so hard about the cross-dressing pictures and the Nope not so cute pictures of the fits! ha ha that one of ashlin is serious blackmale if she breaks curfew as a teenager