Thursday, June 4, 2009

5/27/09- Baseball Banquet, 5/31/09- Troy's Toddler Bed

Last Wednesday was the High School Baseball Banquet. It was a great night of dinner and celebrating the baseball players. Grant was given 5 of the JV players to talk about. The other assistant coach was given 5, and then the head coach spoke on the rest of the team.

Grant talking about one of his players.

After Grant and Coach Carroll finished with their parts, Coach Padula got up. He had warned us that he was planning on roasting Grant, but we had NO IDEA that he would say some of the things he said. I'm going to download the video on Facebook, because I just can't do it justice. Basically he talked about how clean cut Grant is. But then he claimed to have warn off on Grant and accused him of doing some things that Grant would NEVER do. You have to watch it! Not only did he stretch the truth a little to make a good story (that I can excuse), but he told some outright lies. I'm not saying I didn't laugh my tail off, I just hope all the parents knew that Grant wouldn't ever do what he said. Anyway, he ended with saying some very nice (and very true) things about Grant. Then some of the players got up and said some more nice things about him and gave him some great gifts. Mike Padula had great plaques made for the team for winning the League Championship. It had the picture of the dog pile from the game, complete with Grant on top! It was a great night!

JV coaches, Mike, Richie, and Grant

A lady I work with, Sonja, gave me her son's old toddler bed. While I don't think Troy is necessarily ready for a toddler bed, we decided to get him used to it before Gunnar comes along. So we set it up on Sunday. He was so excited to have it! He jumped on it the second we were done setting it up and started yelling, "bed, bed"! He loved it, until we made him take a nap in it. Of course he kept getting up and leaving. So I finally sat outside his room until he had no other choice but to go to sleep. It took about 30 minutes. We've been doing it ever since. Hopefully he'll eventually just figure out that mom & dad aren't letting him out until he goes to sleep!

Grant snuck in and took some pictures of him sleeping in his bed for the first time!

Aren't kids the cutest when they sleep?!

Here are the kids playing outside after church. Troy found the helmet and put it on himself.

This is Ashlin outside of McDonald's on Monday. Just another example of her finding a rock and begging me to take a picture of her on it!

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