Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3/29/09 & 3/30/09 Getting in the Easter mood

Okay, so I tried blogging about Easter awhile ago, but blogger wouldn't upload my pics. So here I go again.

We found some Easter cookie cutters, frosting, and egg coloring stuff at Target, so we decided to spend the weekend getting in the Easter mood. Sunday night we baked and decorated cookies and then Monday night we colored eggs for FHE. I'd like to say it was a joy. However, I get frustrated doing anything remotely crafty even when I'm all alone. So, trying to teach the kids to do it and then having Troy climbing all over the table and destroying everything, made it especially frustrating. But we survived, and the pictures look like we had the BEST time, and that's what matters!

My cute duckie

Abby's cute duckie

Those bottles of frosting were so hard to squezze

Showing off our masterpieces

So excited to decorate eggs

Bring me something yummy easter bunny!

Do I looked stressed out to you?

Everyone had a blast, and we only dropped 3 eggs!

Easter eggs displayed on the mantle in Princess holders

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Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, you do look a little stressed! Take a vacation before Baby #4 arrives :)