Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Concerning my previous post...

I will freely admit that I wasted no time at all reading a book about a love story involving vampires. I don't know, for some reason it didn't catch my fancy. Call me silly. And sure, don't base opinions of books on movies -- learned that along time ago and it was reiterated to me last night when I watched ANGELS & DEMONS. Based, ever so loosely, on the book by the same name by Dan Brown. I left the theater mostly disappointed.

But in this day of "living green," did we really have to waste so much paper on the Dr.-Seuss-sized letters? Honestly. I believe it is on the required reading list for 4th grade. Of course I am being a little ridiculous but seeing vampires who glitter in the sun and have poor dialogue, at best, makes me long for a nice treasure hunt book.

So to all of you who enjoyed the books, I am glad you are reading books instead of playing solitaire on the computer all day. But get a good book next time.


Erin said...


Cyndi said...

I'm with you. I liked the Twilight books but it wasn't as if I was going to spend the rest of my life pining after some fictional vampire. I just watched the Twilight movie the other day for the 2nd time and I was once again disappointed in how dumb it was. Bella and Edward have absolutely NO chemistry. I do have to admit that I enjoyed it more the 2nd time watching it all by myself instead of in a crowded theater with a hundred giggling, gooing 40 year old teenagers.

I am reading Angels and Demons right now. I hope I won't be as disappointed in the movie as you.

Now, I'm off to play solitaire.

Melanie said...

So true. So bad. So poorly written. I didn't bother with the movie. Twilight that is, I haven't gotten to Angels and Demons.
Hope things are going well with your little ones and especially your little one on the way!

Heidi Ferguson said...

If you didn't like the first one, definitely don't continue reading the series, as they infinitely get worse each one. The last book was painful to get through with a total flop of an ending. The one good thing about the books is that it makes me think, "If she can make millions with THESE, I can totally write a hit book!"

P.S. Actually, in comparison, the first book isn't that bad. Despite the overuse of descriptive words such as 'breathtaking' I thought it was okay. The book was...breathtaking.