Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3/20/09- Ashlin's Birthday Cake & Favorite Teacher

Well, I've certainly fallen behind. I spent so much time catching up on my Utah trip, that now I've got a whole months worth of activities since I've been home. So I'll just do a little at a time and see if I can get caught up.

Since we left for Utah right after Ashlin's birthday, we never got to sing to her at Parent-ed class. So here she is with her flannel board cake!

To get the kids in the easter mood, she's been singing a fun bunny song and they get to take turns wearing the ears and wiggling their tail. Troy caught on right away and wanted a turn.

That night we went to the Varsity Baseball game. It was favorite teacher night. Each player got to pick their favorite teacher to come and throw out the first pitch (along with all the other player's teachers). One of the kids that he coached on the Freshman team picked him. We were so proud.

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The Clems said...

so you are just now reading the twilight series? better late then never i guess! i love these books, as does the rest of the planet. are you in love with edward yet? whats your favorite book so far? twilight is my fav. you have to let me know what you think about the ending. :)