Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Utah Trip Week 2+, Feb 27-Mar 6

So, now that Nanny's baby was born, my schedule was wiped open until March 12 when Mikey would compete. I wish I could say I partied hard, but the first few days were filled with taking care of sick kids. I didn't want to visit any old friends and get their kids sick. So, I stayed at my Grandma's and did stuff around there. Thursday morning I went to Yoga at Amber's house. (she's the one that got me started on it 5 years ago). Then to the park with Amber and Chelsea (her neighbor) and kids. Then Scot & Brittany joined me at my cousin Jen's house. I made the family dinner and snickerdoodles and watched American Idol. Friday we ran errands, and I dealt with diarrhea, accompanied by really bad diaper rash, vomit, and a sore tush from falling down the stairs. I was carrying Troy down the stairs after he'd fallen asleep on the way home from Jen's. I think I stepped on my jeans on the first step and my foot slipped out. I slid all the way down to the landing. I couldn't sit for a week. I still have a pretty gnarly bruise. Anyway, I really dealt with a lot of issues that I don't usually deal with, and I was doing it all by myself. I was proud of myself for being able to handle life w/o Grant.

Saturday morning we went to a baby shower for Amber's sister and then headed to another baby shower for my second cousin, Christina. It was great to see a lot of my cousins on the Petersen/White side.

Abby with Christina, James, and Grace in the back ground

Troy was having a grand time.

Abby loved all the ribbon

She even decorated one of her new cousins. Cousin Janet and Aunt Peggy were also there!

Troy and James (Paul & Jennie's son - they were in town as well!)
After the shower I followed Diana back to her house to get her hair. She cut 13 inches off about the same time I did. We're both giving it to my Sister-in-law's niece who was just diagnosed with cancer. I went to the storage unit and found some of the items that did not get put in the moving truck. Luckily my silverware was there! Then we met up with Scot, Brittany, and Mikey for some Olive Garden!
Sunday we went to church at Amber's ward. She meets in the same building as my G-ma, but at a different time. I was nervous about having all 3 kids by myself, but we said a prayer before hand and asked for Jesus's help (upon Ashlin's request). The kids were amazing, we didn't have to leave the chapel once. Thank goodness for little miracles. That night all the family came over for FHE. It's once a month at my G-ma's house. How convenient that I was already there! We had a blast, as usual. I announced at FHE that we were having a girl. Earlier in the week I had stopped by my work and visited my old co-workers (most of them were there for a staff mtg). I had one of them scan the baby and we both thought it was a girl. When I told Grant, he said he wasn't going to count on it until he heard it from the doctor. After I got home from Utah, I had my u/s appointment, and it was a boy! So, sorry to all those that I told it was girl!
Monday night we went to Katie and Kevin's. I promised them dinner as payment for Katie watching my kids. We got to the house and were waiting for Katie when Troy EXPLODED in his diaper. I had to put him in the tub, it was so bad. We were 20 minutes away from the house, so Katie pulled out one of her old shirts and some shorts that belonged to Kevin's dad when he played on the Olympic Volleyball team. They were so tiny, they fit Troy perfectly! We then went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and then picked out an outfit in the mall for Troy to wear home. (Pictures of that outfit in the next post. It is way cute).

He loved showing off the outfit! I'm just glad we bought the new outfit AFTER dinner, he made a mess.
Tuesday I took the kids to story time at the library. Then home for a nap. I then dropped the kids off at Scot & Brittany's for a pajama party. They had popcorn and watched Snow Princess.

They didn't even care that I was leaving.
I then headed to Los Hermanos to meet some old friends from my married student ward. We had such a great time talking and laughing and sharing delivery stories. There were only two people there that had not recently had a baby or expecting one.

Sara Hoen, Olivia McCord, Cindy Jordan, Kat Quinn, Amber Petersen, Adrienne Tong, Janet Jones (she's neighbors with some of my old friends!), Me, Jen Barnes, Dianne Hales, & Lucille Woolston.
We could tell the waitress was waiting for us to leave, so we went next door to an Italian Gelato place for some more socialization.

Can you see the cute gelato cups that Cindy is hording? Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Cindy!
Wednesday we went to the Library again and then to BYU campus. We met with Scot and Mike for lunch and watched some of Mike's dance class. Then we headed to the bookstore and bought some shirts. Gotta start 'em young to love the Cougars!
Thursday morning we visited Amber Jones at the Ink Spot and then headed to the Draper Temple open house. I didn't have a reservation and didn't know where I was going, but figured the morning was better to go than the evening. I headed to Draper and got off the first off-ramp. I figured the temple had to be on the hill. Then I saw a chapel with signs for Temple parking. So we parked and took a bus to the temple. It was absolutely beautiful and no lines. The kids were fairly good. I showed Abby the Celestial room and explained that it was the closest thing to Heaven. She liked that room the best. Then they escorted us into a sealing room and had us sit. They explained the importance of temple marriage/sealings. I told the girls that this was a similar room that their dad and I were sealed in and that we could be together forever because of it. It was very sweet and the spirit was strong. Afterward we got some cookies in the adjacent chapel cultural hall. I was showing the girls some pictures on the wall and when I turned around, Ashlin was gone. We looked everywhere. We must have looked for about 10 minutes. I walked through the hallway saying a little prayer inside. Then I got to the man standing at the exit of the temple and asked if he had seen a girl dressed like Abby. He said that his wife had her in the cultural hall and that she had gone back into the temple when his wife grabbed her. I found her crying in the arms of this lady. I guess if you're going to lose a kid, the temple is a good place. I was very relieved to get her back safe.
Friday morning we packed our bags to go to Idaho. We had to wait until Marge got off work to leave, so we went to Bountiful in the interm to hang out with my aunt Lynette, Nanny, and Edi. Lynette had been there for a week helping with the baby. Lynette and I took the kids to the Kangaroo Zoo while Nanny got to rest with the baby. The kids had a great time. At first I thought I would have to walk around with Troy the whole time and he'd only get to go on the baby equipment, but he quickly figured it all out and had a blast. He even went on a super steep slide that was almost a straight shot up. If he lost his grip, he'd fall straight back. I stood close by and made sure he didn't fall. I was nervous the whole time, but amazed. Check out facebook for the awesome video!

He had SO much fun!

So did the girls!

A race to the top.

Troy was slowing them down.

Here they come...

All at once

Ashlin had been playing with a trouble maker, older boy (should I be worried for when she's a teenager?), so I made all the kids come together for a group pic, this was the best I got.

What a happy new big sister!

After the Kangaroo Zoo, we went back to Nanny's house and hung out. Lynette made lasagna for dinner and I made snickerdoodles (I'd promised Bryan). Marge showed up just before dinner was ready. So we packed up the car, ate dinner and then headed for Idaho to see Grant's other sister, Karen and family. It was a pleasant trip and we got there around 9pm. More on Idaho next time!


Bayles Clan said...

stacy! you said that your posts were huge and that you write a lot but i like reading all of them-your a good writer-just enough detail and picture balance! i saved some of the pics you post to my iphoto! thanks

Cyndi said...

Oh I'm so embarrassed that you pointed out my hording of the gelato cups. Hey, I was doing my part to save the environment. They are perfectly reusable and my kids love them!

DD said...

I can't believe how big your kids are! And your pregnant with your 4th??? Ahhhhh, so cool. I'm so glad that we found each other and are able to stay in touch. As for the shock cord and the beer, I don't think my mom ever went through with buying the beer for the guy, she's very conservative. I'm going to add your blog to my blog, hope you don't mind. Next time you're in Utah let me know, I would love to see you.