Thursday, March 19, 2009

Utah Trip Week 1 - Feb 19-26

Thursday afternoon we loaded up the kids in my mom's Highlander and headed to Utah. All 3 kids squished into one row. I was nervous about them being so close, but it was actually a pleasant drive. It was easy to hand them things and the DVD player fit perfectly between the front seats, so all 3 kids could watch the movie in peace.
Ashlin's gotta have her blankie. Does Abby look squished to you?

We drove straight to Las Vegas (except for a quick stop on the side of the road after Troy opened the car door while driving on the highway. Thank goodness for child locks.) We stopped in Vegas for gas and dinner. We even got to eat some In-N-Out with our good friends, Todd and Anjie Bringhurst and their cute boys. (can't wait for you to move to Cali soon!)

This is the only pic we took at In-N-Out. Sorry T&A, I forgot to get a picture with your fam.

Then, back on the road to St George. We stayed in St. George with my Cousin Kedric and his cute wife, Megan. They were very hospitable. We hung out with Kedric in the morning and made waffles. We then headed to Spanish Fork, dropped off our stuff at Grant's sisters house to make room for my brother. We then stopped by Scot and Brittany's place to see Brittany before she left for work. They bought Ashlin some cute slippers for her birthday.

Ashlin loved them! Thanks Scot & Brittany

Showing off the new slippers!

Scot then joined us for a baseball reunion with Grant's friends, Scott & Vic. We had pizza and talked, what else?...Baseball!

These guys are the #1 reason Grant misses Utah.

The next morning we met Phil and family for breakfast and a tour of Phil's work in Orem (thanks for the much needed ring cleaning, Phil!). We then picked up Scot & Mike and went to Cedar Hills to visit my cousin, Chad. He's 19 and has been battling Ewing's Sarcoma, a serious bone cancer. He is always fun to visit and has a great spirit. It was also great to see their new house! Then back to Spanish Fork for Sarah's 6th Birthday party. It was a princess tea party and the girls even brought their Snow White and Cinderella dresses! It was a lot of fun and the Clark kids even enjoyed hanging out while the princesses were pampered.

Super Phillip!

The decorations

Cute cousins, Abby, Kaylee, Kyra, & Cortnie


All the princesses and one prince!

I think snow white should have been blond. Notice Abby's new ring and nail polish!

Phil, Janet, Grant, & Marge (we missed you Jud & Karen)

So stylish!

After the party we headed up to Bountiful to Bryan & Nanny's house. They had invited all the cousins over for a house warming party and decided to schedule it the same time that both Grant & I would be there. We had a great time eating (what we Bayleses do best) and playing games.

Charlie, Heather, & Rachel

Kelli, Laura, Edi, Abby, & Katie

Ashlin practicing her ninja moves

Scot & Brittany focusing on Taboo

Grant, Bryan, & I squeezing in for a self portrait

"Oh, you're taking a picture of ME?!!"

Katie, Mikey, & Nanny.

We spent the night at Bry & Nan's and then Sunday morning I took Grant to the airport so he could get home to teach on Monday. We went to church with Bryan & Nanny, and the kids were very restless. Monday Nan & I decided we better get some food that we could cook for everyone while I was staying there. So we took all the kids to Costco. It was quite an adventure carting all the kids around.

The kids were in one cart, the food in another

Tuesday we took the kids to the mall for Ashlin's 3 yr pic and Troy's 18mo. We picked out a really cute dress for Ashlin at Gymboree (and of course we had to get one for Abby, too), and then headed to Kiddie Kandids.
Troy had a hard time sitting w/o crying or going to mommy, but we eventually got some good smiles.

Troy loved sitting in the cool chairs.

Ashlin loved having her picture taken and gave the cheesiest smiles! She's a natural model.

Love the toe point!

That night, after Bryan got home from work, we took all the kids to the Farm in Murray. It was cold and most of the animals had been put away, but the kids had a blast. They almost got attacked by a bunch of ducks.

If it didn't take forever to post video on here, I'd post one of Bryan and the kids acting like ducks. Stay tuned for a posted video on facebook!


Watch out for the mud on the ground, I don't think it's water

Abby & Edi's best pig impersonations.

That night Nanny called the hospital to say she wanted to be induced the next day since she lives so far away from the hospital and goes pretty fast. They said she was 5th in line and would call the next day. We figured it wouldn't be until the afternoon, so Wednesday morning we took awhile getting ready. We were pretty surprised to get a call at 8am telling her to be there at 9. Some of us were still in our jammies. So we hurried and got ready and headed to the hospital. Katie met me there and picked up my kids and watched them for most of the day. Then she took them to my Aunt Shauna's once she got home from work. Thanks guys! Nanny did a great job. She was in good labor for 4 hours. Bryan was a great labor support and I just made sure he was doing his job! The highlight (aside from the birth of the baby) was seeing Dr. Lamoreaux, my favorite doctor! I'd worked with him a lot and he delivered all 3 of my kids. I told him to call me Douala Stacy. I was very proud of Nan for controlling her pain and not getting the epidural. We'll see if she decides to do it again next time!
Ila Bayles
Feb 25, 2009
6lbs 6.6 oz

It was well worth the trip!

Show me some shoulder, Nan!
After Ila was born, I decided it was best to not stay in Bountiful anymore since my kids were all sick and Matt & Lynette were coming to help with the baby. So I moved all our stuff to my grandma's in Pleasant Grove. The kids really wanted to see Ila at the hospital, so we stopped by for a quick visit.

Luckily they had masks and hand sanitizer when you first walk in. My kids loved wearing the masks!

Troy loved Ila and kept wanting to hold her.


Linda Clark said...

Reading this was great! You did a great job telling what your vacation was like, and I can't wait to read the next updates. Your kids are adorable! And Troy is getting to be a real grown-up. The girls are darling in their new dresses. Hey, you look good, too!

Linda Clark said...

By the time I see your kids tomorrow it will have been a whole month! I knew they'd grow up when I wasn't looking.

Jami and Scott said...

We were so sad when we heard all the cousins were getting together :) Hope you had fun!

kathryn said...

oh, fun week. now where's week 2?