Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day

Friday our stake did a Valentine dinner. Everyone is assigned a table with a host who arranges decorating and a dessert. I was the host and I brought little Martinelli's, red chair backs, and M&M's to confetti on the table. Debbie Scott did the rest of the table decorations and Joye Goodsell brought a beautiful and yummy dessert. The stake served a yummy Italian dinner and we had a great time chating and telling each other what we've never done but would like to try. Bishop Scott had the best answer, a colonoscopy. He's trying to overcome his fear with positive thinking! We also sat with Shirl Cornwall and Jenette Hill. Jenette is a distant relative. Her mom's maiden name is Clark. She always has games for the kids to play during sacrament and the kids love sitting with her.

Joyce, Jenette, Debbie. (Debbie hand painted the plates to match the cloth)

Grant, Bro. Cornwall, Patriarch Goodsell, Joyce

The next day, V-Day, I worked. On my way home I picked up some Papa John's pizza as a surprise for Grant. Now before you think this is a lame surprise I'll give some background. Papa John's is Grant's favorite pizza and is the only stuff he would eat while we lived in Utah. When we moved here, there was no Papa John's around. A couple of months ago I found one in Glendale, but they won't deliver to our house. I never told Grant about it, I wanted to use it for a surprise. When I got home I covered it with a shirt and walked in the house. I had warned Grant that I was bring a surprise home for dinner. When he saw the boxes I asked him what he thought it was. Confused and disappointed he said, "It looks like pizza?" "Yes, but it's not just any pizza!" I removed the shirt, his face lit up, and he exclaimed, "You really DO love me!!!" Grant had a bouquet of red roses sitting on the table waiting for me, and the girls gave me a card. Grant also gave me a card about how his love for me keeps growing like his expanding belly! The girls each got fancy coloring books with stickers, and Troy got lots of kisses! We sat down to eat and I cracked open some Martinelli's with our fancy champaign glasses! It sounds like a simple day, but there was so much excitement in the room with all the surprises, that it was a great day!

How romantic!


Anonymous said...

We also had Papa John's for V-day. Of course, Neal hates pizza, so it was only for me! Sounds like your day was fun :)

steph said...

Oh! You get to see the neatest people! Fun to see the Goodsells! :)