Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grant's Birthday Jan 30

Well, I already posted ON Grant's birthday, now I will post ABOUT Grant's birthday. It was on a Friday so he had school and a Soccer game in Pasadena. The kids and I made signs and posted them on his door for when he woke up. We all went to the soccer game and after wards we invited the team to Dominick's (a restaurant walking distance from the school). Everyone ordered there own dinner, but we sang to him and had cake and ice cream. (Lesson learned: don't serve Ice Cream outside of your home or where there is not an accessible fridge. We had a lot of melted ice cream by the time we got home! Plus, it was a pain to carry around.) The next night we went out with our good friends, Brett & Megan Harvey. We went to ESPN Zone for dinner and game playing. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for joining us Harveys! Sorry, no pics of that. It's so much easier taking pics of your kids than yourself.

Kids chillin' at the game!

Check out that sexy coach!

Should I be worried that Troy loves sitting in his sister's princess chair?

Dena sent her kids in with a bouquet of balloons. It was a nice touch and it really embarrassed Grant! Even better!

The awesome Costco cake!

The kids wanted to sit with the Soccer players

Varsity Coach, Tino, with some players. Grant will have to come and name them all!

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