Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dance Class and Joy School

On Wednesdays, Abby has dance class with her friend, Brooke. She loves it! Ashlin really wants to do dance too. She has to be 3 to join dance, but I told her she had to be potty trained before she can go. So instead of taking her to the day care, I make her come with me and watch Abby. I'm hoping it will inspire her to potty train. She likes to put on Abby's leotards and shoes and run around the hall with Troy and Brooke's sister, Cami. Her BFF Chloe just joined the class too. I'm hoping that gives her even more motivation.

Every Thursday Abby goes to Joy School with her friends from the La Crescenta ward. We play, have snack, circle time, and focus on a letter of the day. Everyone brings something to share with that letter. I had the kids over on Jan 29th. My letter was R, so we Ran Relay Races and ate Raisins and other foods that don't start with R, so I won't mention them!

Let's see how many girls we can fit in the Kangaroo slide!

We got them all in! Girls only, sorry Troy!

Back: Leah, Abby, Chelsea Front: Brooke, Ashlin, Nicole, Ruby

Relay Races

Snack Time

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The Shoogs said...

How fun!!! My aunt ran Joy school in Utah. She was always coming up with creative activities. It sounds like your kids had a blast.