Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ashlin's 3rd Birthday Feb 17

The day started off pretty hectic getting ready for the party and other business related stuff, so I won't go into that. But we did make it to Story Time at the library. Everywhere we went Abby kept telling people to wish Ashlin a happy birthday. It was really cute! Abby went home with Leah to play and Ashlin was pretty bummed. However, I told her we were going to decorate her cupcakes and Grandma was picking her up to take her on a special date to pick out a present. She calmed down after that. So we got home & I put Troy down for a nap. It was fun having an hour of alone time with Ashlin. I frosted the cupcakes, and she put the sprinkles and little flags on. Of course she asked for pink cupcakes, pink frosting, and pink sprinkles. After everything was ready for the party, Ashlin got to pick out a show and watch it all by herself while I showered. Minutes before Grandma showed up, I tried to figure out what I was going to do about that outfit. Ashlin picked it out in the morning and said her friends Lyla and Chloe would love the pretty purple dress with the pink turtleneck underneath. Ughh! Finally I remembered that simple shorts and t-shirt we had bought at Target the day before. They were super cheap, and I got it to go under dresses. But anything was better then that concuction. So I gave it to Ashlin as a present and she was excited to put it on for her party, phew! A few minutes later Grandma showed up to get Ashlin and dropped Abby off from Leah's. When Troy woke up we headed to Chuck E Cheese's. This being an off year for birthdays, I wasn't planning a huge party. I was just going to take our family to CEC's and invite Ashlin's friend Chloe from Parent-ed and Lyla from nursery to join us. However, then I realized I should invite the cousins too. That quadrupled the numbers and it turned into a pretty decent party. We had to do it a 2:30 so that Grant could make it after school and then be done in time for B-ball practice. That added a lot more after school kids. Oh well, it was the first party where Ashlin actually knew what was going on. It was hectic but worth it. By the end of the day I just crashed on the bed as the kids played with her new toys. When Grant got home from baseball practice, he told me to get out of the house and he put the kids to bed! It was nice. I just hated coming home to clean up the mess the kids and I had made! Here's the pics from the day!

Ashlin decorating the cupcakes. Are you loving the outfit as much as I did?

All ready for the guests. The present Ashlin picked out with Grandma matched the theme perfectly!

Ashlin playing while she waited for her friends and cousins

Grandma and Troy hanging out.

Once everyone arrived, we gathered together for pizza, cupcakes, presents, and a group picture. Then everyone just played until they wanted to leave.

Chuck E. came out to sing to Ashlin. Ashlin got scared and ran away.

Group shot. Ashlin being forced to stand next to the scarey mouse
L to R: Ashlin, Natalie, Daniel, Bryan, Abby, Jacob, Andrew, Chloe, Kimmie, Ashley, and Troy's head. Lyla and Shae (Chloe's sister) were too scared to stand in the picture.

Don't cry, he won't hurt you!

Cousin Ashley

Troy's ready for a cupcake

Cousin Natalie

Present time!

Cords from Kimmie!

Making sure we have enough gift bags. Do I look stressed?

Lyla and mom Lindsey

Cheesy Abby

Smock & paints from Jacob

Yeah! Now Abby and Ashlin don't have to fight over the beat up shoes! Thanks, Chloe! The old ones got left at CEC's. Thanks for all the fun presents everyone!

Best buds! I could not get Troy out of this Bob the Builder Train. Between Grant & I taking pictures, we ended up with 10 of Troy in this same spot!

Thanks Grandma!

Saying good-bye to Lyla

Ashlin loved this horse!

Saying good-bye to Chloe


JoEllen said...

Isn't it funny how many children are scared of Chuckee Cheese? Mine aren't, but I know many who are... maybe they need to rethink the size of the mouse or come up w/ a new mascot? Congrats for surviving the day. Birthdays always wear me out, parties even more so. That was a heck of a non-party if I've ever seen one.

steph said...

Oh my goodness! Your mom looks FANTASTIC!!! The birthday party looked soo fun too. :)

Emily said...

So cute! I can hardly believe she's so old already. Seriously 3 years old? And I love that picture with the comment "Don't cry, he wont hurt you" Chucky cheese really freaked me out as a kid :)