Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random pictures

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. No excuses. I just wanted to throw up some cute pictures of my kids and some of the things we did in October! We currently do not have a camera, so all of my pictures are taken from when I borrowed my sisters camera, or from my cell phone. So I get them taken, but then have to wait until they're downloaded on my mom's computer and then find a way to transfer them to mine. Anyway, Kind of a pain, I know.

The kids & I went to the Underwood Family farm with our Parent-Ed class and picked pumpkins. (Notice Troy's missmatched shoes? We were kind of running late!) We hung out with the McLaws family. I grew up with Taylor, Sunny, and Linsey. They were in the Sunland ward of our stake. Now, we are all in this parent-ed class together with some of their cousins as well. They're nice enough to let me hang out with them, even though I'm not a relative. Although, people in the class always ask how they're all related, and when they don't mention my name, they always ask, "and what about Stacy, how's she related?" Basically, we're the mormons in the class!

Here's Joe cool. He loves to put on glasses or hats, or the girls' head bands. He gets really excited every time and makes faces like above!

Abby took a gymnastics class in October. Basically it was to fulfill MY dream. I danced from age 4 to 24, and my biggest regret was that I only did gymnastics for a few months in high school. So, I started Abby in gymnastics. She looked like she was having a lot of fun, but would tell me how much she didn't like it and that she had a "yucky feeling" when she went. So, this month she's back to ballet and tap. Her first ever concert is the end of this month! The other girl on the beam is Elizabeth. They first met at gymnastics, but it turns out she is also in our ward and the only other girl Sunbeam! They're both so excited to be in Sunbeams together!

On conference weekend, almost all of Grant's siblings and parents met at the Boron house for a final goodbye. I filmed each of the kids telling their favorite memories of the house and the men worked on some projects to get it ready to sell. It was a great time. Mainly everyone enjoyed spending time together. The cousins especially. Abby is finally old enough to play with her Utah cousins, but now we live in California. Sad irony. In the tub is Sarah Jones, Abby, Cortnie Jones, and Ashlin. On the beloved porch swing is Cortnie, Rebekah Lewis, Sarah, Abby, and Ashlin.

This is Abby's bff Brooke (and little sister Camryn) These two have so much fun together and Brooke's mom, Gina, is always so kind to watch the kids for me when needed. Before we moved they were in Sunbeams together. Then we'd seem them at park days on Mondays (until Brooke started pre-school), Library on Tuesdays, Joy school on Thursday, and dance class on Wednesday & Fridays. Brooke did dance with Abby this summer, then switched to gymnastics with us (and loved it) and then switched back to dance when Abby wanted to! Thanks Brooke and Gina! It's good to have great friends like these! It turns out Grant and Brooke's dad, Jason grew up together in Boron! What a small world!


Jami and Scott said...

A few things.
1)Stac- I love your shirt. Very cute.
2)I thought Calvin was Joe Cool. Did Troy take the title from him? :)
3) I can't believe how much the girls have grown. Abby is like ALL legs. My little stumps are jealous.
Hope you guys have a great christmas!

Walker Family said...

Your kids have gotten so big. I told Mark we need to come visit in Cali soon.

Jeff said...

In case you don't know who this is - I'm Diana Peterson's husband. We just love reading your blog. We can't believe Troy is walking! It seems like yesterday we were playing with Troy at Scott's wedding.

macdonald's said...

Your kids are so cute. How fun for Abby! Maybe she will try gymnastics again in a few years.

Marnie said...

Where do you guys live? I feel like I should already know this, but I don't. We went to the Underwood pumpkin patch also. Are there Underwood Farms all across California? We're in Camarillo. Cute family pictures.

steph said...

OHH!! That gymnastics story is going to be me! I plan to put my daughter Brinley in gymnastics when she gets a little older but I will be soo sad if she doesn't like it. I guess we can't be young forever! By the way, I still do gymnastics in the summer. Tumbling and all with Kim so I guess I get my kicks out of it still. :)