Monday, May 19, 2008


One more month until my first year of teaching is over. I recently realized that I am ready for a day off from school where I can sleep in and relax a little. Then I remember that I have three kids.

Saturday I went and took half of my English CSET (Calif. Subject Examination for Teachers). I think that I did alright. I definitly felt better leaving the test than the first time I took the Spanish CSET. I felt as though I understood what was going on. The 100 question, multiple guess test took a little over 2 hours. If the first part would not have had so much reading then I would have been done sooner.

Troy is growing and growing. He pulled himself up yesterday and then stood without any help for a few seconds. He is a happy kid who loves to smile and laugh.

I stayed home from church yesterday because I wanted to. Just kidding. Ashlin was throwing up and was running a solid fever so we stayed home. Stacy accused me of not doing anything while I was home. My response was, aside from putting away clothes, changing exploding diapers and cleaning our room, it was Sunday and I was supposed to be relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, I have to get back to teaching.

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Kelsi, John, Jake, & Georgia said...

Hooray an update. Best of luck to you on that English CSET. It's a beast. I took it a few times, at least certain sections of it. :) The day I got the results of the final section was a fabulous, fabulous day!!