Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The next Dickens?! Cummings?!

I know, I know. What a shocker. I have posted twice in less than 24 hours. Yes, that is what happens when I can't sleep in the middle of the night. I have to find some way to occupy myself. I was reading the Amazing Ben Quinn blog and found myself in complete amazement of his ability to put feelings (if that is what you want to call them) to words. Ben, if you chance to read this, I envy...no, covet, your prowess for writing.

Part of the reason for my inability to sleep is my excitement for a playoff baseball game tomorrow down in El Toro, California. The baseball team that I am a lowly assistant coach for, well I coach the Freshman/Sophomore team, is playing a game tomorrow. I get the day off to go down and supervise the kids. I realize that with most of you, it is pointless to try to prove to you that baseball is really a game, and in my professional estimation, the greatest game ever made (yes, even topping paintball). I won't waste my time with that. The point is that I get to "ditch" school and go down to watch a game...and I get paid for it!

I noticed that in response to Ben's blog Anonymous wrote something about a teacher's pay and molding children's minds, etc. The funny thing about a slam like that is...what was that guy/girl doing that they had so much time to think of a comment like that? The irony is that they probably spend their nights at Nordstroms in the mall helping smelly old ladies find a flowery perfume for minimum wage.

I realize that this is all a little disjointed and thrown together. I can handle the criticism. The idea is that I am a teacher. I love my job. I love what I do. I spend 5 hours a day teaching Spanish to Americans and English to kids from all over the world, who speak 7 different languages between them, and work hard every day to make school work in spite of their inability to understand every word or idea. I spend my afternoons trying to help kids appreciate, just a little more, the game that I love and respect.

Sure you NBA fans can hit me with your Steriods talk and the NFL people can talk about our lack of "excitement." But when it comes down to it, you NBAers can't tell me that your officials don't bet on the games they ref and that your players don't choke their coaches and that the players don't do Drugs on the way to practice (please don't make me list all of them i.e. chris webber, lamar odom,...shoot, allen iverson is lucky to show up to practice). NFL... packman jones, mike vick, etc. Enough said. Baseball is a simple game of hit, throw, catch and field...and then you add strategy and purpose. The strategy for basketball and football will never come close in comparison to baseball. DEAL WITH IT.


Jami and Scott said...


I admit that basketball has a bunch of boners, but so does baseball, so you can't judge the sport by the players. I love ya man, but NBA forever!

P.S. you have made me appreciate baseball more than I ever thought I could, but it's still not basketball.


Anonymous said...

Boseball ROCKS!! Love you!

ps-I changed the blog address. In case you care. Ü

Middleton Recipes said...

Hey Grant, this is Amanda Davies, Kevin's wife. How are you? Your family is beautiful! How fun!

Email me at amandahoney1@hotmail.com so that I can invite you to view our blog, it is private.

The UnMighty said...

Well said my friend. I couldn't have drafted a better aurgument on the merits of baseball in a million years.

I'm off to watch "Field of Dreams."

The Nates said...

Hey Grant and Stacy, I saw your blog on Mark and sara's blog. I hope you all are well! Our blog is: thenates.blogspot.com


English Rose said...

Hey Grant - this is Mike Balla.

So here's my take on the "Best Sport" argument. First of all - any sport that calls itself the world series but only invites teams from the US can't be taken too seriously. Same goes for the NBA "World" champions. How did the US get on in the Olympics by the way? And how many viewers does the world series, Superbowl and NBA finals get? Add them all together and I bet the total still wouldn't be half of the real world cup - by that I mean soccer of course!

PEace bro.

Jami and Scott said...

Okay- we heard you guys aren't coming to the family reunion...WHAT is that all about? Scott is crying himself to sleep about it:)

Melanie said...

I couldn't agree more! I have come to love baseball, specifically the Dodgers. We do watch a lot of football, NFL and college, around here too though. The NBA, on the other hand, could disappear forever and I really wouldn't care one way or the other. I take that back. I would care. I would be happy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Grant. Mom, here. I clicked the link to Ben Quinn's blog. What a crack-up. Very entertaining. :)))