Sunday, July 22, 2007

What a weekend

Today, Sunday the 22nd of July, I was released from the Bishopric (2nd counselor). I have to say that once I was seated on the stand today I tried not to look up. The member of the Stake Presidency that was there asked me how I was feeling and when I replied "Melancholy" he laughed at me. I did not think that I would feel that way once the day came to be released. It was a relief to be done but it was a sad time all rolled into one.

Not too long ago, someone asked me about how I was allowed to be in a BYU Married ward Bishopric if I was not attending BYU. I thought that was kind of funny. I didn't know whether the person was implying that there just aren't worthy members of the church who attend UVSC or if it was a serious question. Maybe they let me since there is ONE person who could do it who went to UVSC...I was simply mistaken to be him.

Seriously, my family has been very blessed in the time that I have been in the last three callings. I have learned a lot of different aspects of Church leadership; financial clerk, executive secretary, and being a counselor and all that goes along with it. To be honest, we, as a family, could not have done without all the blessings that have been sent our way.

Abby and Ashlin were both excited to see Dad coming off the stand and sitting down on the bench next to them. It was the first time in a year that I have been able to sit next to Stacy in Church. Maybe next week I will make it to the whole block of meetings. I will miss the responsibility and the calling. I don't think I will miss the meetings. I am very grateful to the members of my ward who actually fulfilled the callings that they had accepted. What a difference that makes in a ward.

We hope that your experiences in serving in the church are as meaningful to you as they have been for us. If they aren't, maybe it is time to reevaluate.

"If not you, then who? If not now, then when?" - Unknown


kat said...

you guys were in cali this month? i'm living in cali for the time being. will be here until the beginning of august. when do you guys move down???

utmommy said...

I'm sure everyone will miss you being in the bishopric. Your family is darling:)


Baseball Grant said...

We will be in California sometime around the end of the month. Because of insurance, Stacy is going to have the baby up here and then we will be moving down to Ca. We will be traveling down this week for Stacy's brother's homecoming. He is on his way home from the Phillipines.

Melanie said...

"Have the baby up here"?! I had no idea there was another one on the way! I'll have to read through your old posts I guess. I can barely handle motherhood with one baby. Stacy is brave.
Grant, you sound really content and so mature. I am so happy for you that you are so happy.