Tuesday, January 11, 2011

April 2010 Spring Break in San Diego

The Baseball team went to San Diego again during Spring Break. We went down and stayed at the hotel and went swimming in the pool. The next day I took advantage of the great work-out facilities at the hotel before heading to the first game. After the game we headed to the Bringhurst's who had recently moved to San Diego County. I decided I didn't want to drive all the way down to Bishop Amat and sit through a double headed, we decided to stay with them for the second half of the trip. They had just gotten a new refrigerator, and the kids had a blast playing in the box!

Abby, Ethan, Troy, Cohen, and Ashlin

The next morning I took Grant back to the Hotel to catch a ride with the team. Then I took the kids to the Mormon Batallion while I waited for Anjie to get done with her canning assignment.

The kids felt like real pioneers!

They just recently re-did the Batallion with a really fun, interactive tour. The kids were really good throughout the whole presentation and at the end they mined for gold. While waiting, we ran into the Rupp family from LaCrescenta! Such a small world!
When the Bringhursts showed up we went to a Mexican restaurant in Old Town SD for lunch. We ate lots of chips and salsa for about 15 minutes without anyone coming to take our order. We finally decided this was rediculous, so we got up and left and ordered some yummy street tacos while watching a show in the middle of the square. Grant got dropped off in Old Town after the game, and we headed down to LaJolla Cove.
We got Ice Cream and looked at the seals all along the beach. There were a ton of people up on the side walk just watching the seals below, and if anyone tried to walk down the stairs, then some animal rights lady would stop them. But Anjie was a hard ball and kept right on walking past her. She impressed us all with her "this was a children's beach before the seals kicked us out", Republican know-all. It was pretty funny! She threatened to call the cops on us, to which Anjie pointed out that we weren't breaking any laws. Slowly a whole bunch of people started coming down the stairs to the sand as well. It was pretty awesome to see the look on the ladies face as she faced defeat!

In front of the seals

Enjoying ice cream on a rock, overlooking the beach. It doesn't get better than this!
Then we found a little area of grass where the kids ran around a played. We even watched part of a wedding ceremony over looking the beach at sunset. So romantic. Then we headed home, put the kids to bed, and stayed up late talking. The next morning we went to church, had lunch, hung out some more, and then headed back home. Much more fun then the San Diego trips from previous years! Thanks Todd and Anjie!

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