Thursday, October 21, 2010

03/26/10 Goodbye Party for Stacy Charles

One of the nurses I worked with (and delivered Gunnar), Stacy Charles, moved to San Diego. So we had a going away party for her at the Burbank Bar and Grill. I was so excited that I would be going somewhere that I would have to be carded for. Never been carded! Unfortunately, they didn't start carding until 9pm. I was pretty bummed. I even considered leaving and coming back. Oh well. It was a fun party anyway, and it was nice to be able to hang out with the girls at work for a bit. We were really sad to see Stacy leave. Now there won't be any more confusion at work. Since we were both Stacy C.s we would go by Charlie and Clark. She also oriented me when I first started working at GAMC.

Stacy with her favorite Doctor, Dr. Wu. (Thanks Dr. Wu for picking up the tab!)

Maria, Stacy, and Frances

Clark and Charlie

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