Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tulips and Troy 03/24/10

The tulips were up at Descanso Gardens, and considering my pass was about to expire I had to take advantage of as many opportunities to see them as possible. Especially since I didn't make it in time to see them last year. So while Abby was at school and Ashlin at Joy Shool, I took the boys for a little Mother/Son field trip.

Definitely my favorite flower. They weren't all the way up yet, though. But we still enjoyed it!

I seriously love this kid. His first 9months of life were so difficult, but he has now become such a joy. Always so sweet and huge smiles. Plus, he reminds me of my Grandpa White (from whom he got his name...long story).

Maybe I should have just asked someone walking by to take my picture for me!

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