Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saint Patty's Day 03/17/10

For Saint Patrick's Day, our ward has a fun tradition of doing Secret Leprecauns. Here are some of the fun things we got from our Secret Leprecaun. (I'd tell you what we did for ours, but then it might give away the secret. But trust me, it was pretty creative!)

A bowl of green fruit, YES! and a pot of gold/carmel popcorn

Irish Spring soap

Crazy glasses! The kids loved it. One night the phone rang and the voice said, "Put on your Leprecaun glasses and look out the window, but don't come outside." We all ran for the window, put on the glasses, and watched as a figure came skipping down the sidewalk and up to our front porch and dropped off a package. Whoever it was was wearing a Leprecaun mask. I tried to snap a picture, but I wasn't fast enough. Pretty fun! We had lots of fun adventures dropping off our treats. The kids still need to practice their stealthness!

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