Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mountview Retirement Home Performance 03/23/10

The girls had their very first dance performance (with this company) at a local retirement home. We all met at the studio to practice and get ready for the performance.

The little beginning dancers did so well lining up against the wall while they waited their turn to practice.

Abby and Ashlin are both standing in the back by the American Flag.

Natalie B., Caroline, Brianna, Ashlin, Abby, Brooke, Jaiden, and Natalie S.

Grandma Bayles came to watch 6 of her granddaughters! Grandma and Grandpa Clark were also there with Aunt Marilyn and Uncle John Brennan. I guess I didn't get an opportunity to grab their picture. Grant got the time wrong and showed up as we were leaving. Everyone felt pretty bad about him missing, but there will be many many more performances to come!

Abby with her cute, supportive brother!

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