Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Last Summer Outing (or so we thought) 8/29/09

We decided to take make the most of the last Saturday of the summer, and since Football practice was canceled because of the fires, we headed to Ventura. We called my parents, who were returning from their Anniversary celebration in Santa Barbara. We met them at my Grandma's house and all went out to lunch. Then they headed home and we went to the harbor town. We ate ice cream from the little parlor that my grandpa used to take me to as a kid. Then we took a tour of the harbor. The kids loved it!

Seals taking a rest on the buoys

We were driving around town and noticed this one beautiful cloud in the clear sky. I said to Grant, "Wow, that's a neat looking cloud, we never get clouds like that in La Crescenta." It wasn't until we got out on the boat that we could see the "cloud" reaching all the way down to the ground. It was the smoke cloud that had been looming in La Crescenta. We were about 100 miles away, and we could still see it.

After the boat ride we went to the beach

There's the smoke cloud again

After the beach we went out to dinner and then put the kids in their jammies and drove home. It was nice to breath some fresh ocean air and to spend some time together. We even saw some members of our church in Ventura escaping as well!

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