Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life moves on- August 09

Here are the cute signs that the girls and my mom made while I was in the hospital, and the flowers from Dena and my mom!

Cousin Lizzie wrote a note about Gunnar eating waffles! Cute!

These girls love their baby brother!

Abby went to her first soccer practice, and she was sorely miss-dressed. She was wearing pink shorts, a princess shirt and Dora shoes. All the other girls had cleats and shin guards and soccer shorts. We decided we'd better suit her up to play the game right. So we headed to Burbank and dropped the car off at Costco to get new tires (Grant didn't want to drive to Yosemite in those balding tires). We loaded the kids in the stroller and walked to the Target down the street. Here's her new soccer ensemble!

Ashlin wanted a part of the action!

Check out those shoes!

Abby's so grown up!

What great sisters!

We had bought so much at Target, that we couldn't walk back to Costco with it all. Plus, Gunnar was getting hungry. So Grant walked us all over to Krispy Kreme's. The kids ate donuts, I fed Gunnar, and Grant ran back to get the car and come pick us up! Troy loved his hat! And, hey, since when do you have to start begging for your free "hot" donut? That's twice now that I've been and had to ask for them. And they only gave them to the kids.

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