Tuesday, November 3, 2009

First Days of School 9/3-9/8

After our whirlwind trip, the next morning was a little rough. But we made it okay. Grant had to leave before us, so he helped me get the kids ready as best he could, then took off.

The first day of school for the both of them!

Abby chose to wear this outfit because it was the only one with yellow in it to match her headband!

Ashlin got a new backpack too! She wishes she could be going with Abby.

We just barely made it in time. I felt like I had left in plenty of time, but it took me forever to find a parking spot, and then the kids were walking so slow. Once we got into the school, we had to maneuver our way through all the older kids that were finding their classrooms with their parents. That was so irritating. I felt like yelling, "EVERYBODY MOVE!" like Fezik. Kindergarten starts 15 minutes before all the other grades. As we turned the corner to the kindergarten area, I saw Mrs. Abboud's class walking into the building. So Abby ran up ahead and walked in with the rest of the class. I had just enough time to snap this picture as she walked away. Then Ashlin started following her inside and insisted on going to. While I was telling her that she couldn't, Troy started walking in. It was quite a mess.

After I said goodbye, I took all the kids to the Howdie Coffee. That was quite a site. Just picture a packed auditorium, my kids everywhere, nursing while trying to help Ashlin & Troy eat their snacks, taking the cup of boiling hot water away from Ashlin that some "helpful" mom had given her, Troy drinking other peoples' drinks, and Troy walking up toward the speaker. Luckily a friend from my church was there and was able to help me a bit! Thanks, Lisa! I think I'll wait a while before going to that again! After that I went up to my mom's and hung out until school was over. It was the first time I'd been up there since the fires. It was quite an amazing site.

This is the road up to my sister's house. There are homes on the left of the street.

This is my sister's house. You can see the mountains right behind it are burned.

These are the mountains next to my sister's house.

Two Strike Park became a police headquarters.

I tried to get to school early to watch Abby come out, but there were already a whole row of cars waiting. I took this picture and my battery died.

Since we didn't have a very good first day experience, we tried to re-create it the 2nd day.

Here's Abby waiting in line to go in. We got to watch her walk in. I was doing just great until she turned the corner out of my site, and that's when I lost it. I guess it was a good thing we were in such a hurry the day before, I didn't have time to cry. My little baby's all grown up! =-(

Here's a better picture at pick up

And since the other picture we have in front of the sign is inaccurate, we took another one!

Shouldn't the student my bigger than the back-pack?

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