Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life with baby #4

Well, 3 months have passed since I brought home my beautiful baby boy. He has been such a joy. I have no idea what I was stressing about. He's been perfect. He has such a sweet disposition. He whimpers when he is hungry or poopy or getting beat up by Troy. Once I pick him up to fix said problem, he stops crying. If I wait too long to feed or change, then he whimpers a little bit more until he knows I'm going to take care of him. He has been sleeping through the night since 2 months, & I hope that lasts! He knew that I needed him to be extra good. He has brought so much joy to our family. My sister-in-law took pictures of the birth on another camera, so I thought I would post them now.

The calm before the storm!

Everyone's anticipating the arrival of Gunnar. My 2 sisters, my niece, my mom, and my sister-in-law were all there. Oh yeah, Grant was there too!

Once the contractions started to get stronger, I got in the shower to help with the pain. after about 45 mins in the shower I felt it was time to deliver. So I got out and got into bed. Here is Grant helping with my breathing. He should be a doula! He was amazing!

Here is the "you did this to me" grab of Grant's shirt.

WARNING: The following pictures show Ugly birthing faces and a couple of goopy newborn baby pictures. While the pictures are all rated PG, you might want to scroll past a few of them, in case your imagination or stomach can't handle it.

Stacy Charles putting on gloves because I'm telling her the baby is coming and the Doctor is not going to make it!

Stacy delivering my baby with Chris' help.

A loving smooch. In the words of Dora, "We did it!"


Dad holding son for the first time!

Getting assessed by nurse Stacy.

Grant cutting the cord.

Being weighed. 8lb 3oz

Aunt Becki and Cousin Emma

Scot showed up right after the baby was born.

Grant spreading the word!

With Aunt Dena

Everyone's relieved it's over

Do I look shell shocked?

Thank goodness for the lap top to keep us entertained while in the hospital.

The kids stayed at Grandma's house that night and had a slumber party with aunt Brittany.

Gunnar's Hospital photo

And here's Troy's 2 year photos!


Jami and Scott said...

Stac- I'm so glad he's been a good baby for you. If I remember right, Troy wasn't so easy peasy. So, what a nice blessing.

BBC said...

gunnar is so cute! so tell me, what's your secret? tama's going to be 2 months in one week and still no luck in sleeping through the night! :)

Sheena said...

He really is adorable! Congratulations! Your kids are getting sooooo big! Good to see things are going so well for you. I think you look awesome for just having had a baby.

Marnie said...

Four kids. That's impressive. You guys are a cute little, I mean big family. Congratulations.