Thursday, June 4, 2009

5/15/09-JV League Championship Game

Grant's JV team had a great season! They only lost the one league game against Arcadia. It was a close race for the championship as Arcadia had only tied one league game. So coming into this final game, our team was only half a game behind Arcadia. If we won, we would win the championship by half a game. If Arcadia won, they would win it by one and a half games. I usually bring the kids to the games, but we made sure we were on time to this one. And it's a good thing we were. It was a really fast game. Both teams played great defense. We only had 2 hits the whole game and Arcadia only had 4. But fortunately, we were able to score after an HP and a Home Run. We scored another run and held Arcadia from scoring at all!

Troy already has a love for baseball!

It was so fun watching the team get so excited. Apparently I was too busy taking a picture of this, to see my husband jumping up and down in the dug out as the last out was made! Although he's not in this picture, Grant did eventually join the dog pile!

Here are the coaches heading out to celebrate. Grant is #25

Good game, good game!

After the game one of the mom's had prepared a ice cream sundae bar for all the kids. It was so fun! We were all so proud of the team! Go Falcons!!

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Anonymous said...

wow, you're on a blogging tear!! congrats on the big wins, credential, etc! my brother coaches high school basketball and it practically takes over their life...are you relieved the season's over?