Saturday, January 5, 2008

January...New Year, New Experiences.

This week has been interesting to say the least. I was able to go to the Rose Bowl and watch USC tear Illinios to shreads. Mikey and I had a great time. The seats were spectacular. As you can see in the pictures, we sat in the endzone, high up so you could see the game and still have a good depth perception. It was a lot of fun.

On Wednesday I had to go back to work at the high school. I was a little nerveous about getting to the room and not wanting to be there. However, when I came into my room I was really happy to be back. The first four periods flew by and we had a lot of fun. During lunch I received a phone call that my Grandpa Lokken had passed away a few hours before in Yuma, AZ after a heart attack and other complications. Needless to say I was a little upset. I went to the office to find out what my options were for the funeral (e.g. sick day, personal necessity days, etc). The principal wanted to send me home but I didn't really want to go. I felt that all I would do at home would be to cry and moap around. Instead, I convinced her to let me stay and finish out the day. I must say that it was the best choice for me. By the way, I can take 5 days for bereavement. I am going to take 3. We will go to the funeral on Tuesday and have some trip time planned along with a family activity.

I spent most of the day today (Saturday) at the school making sure that everything was ready for the substitute teacher. Making sure it is ready for someone else is more difficult than preparing for myself.

Ashlin has been learning so many new things. Today, Stacy taught her the "Superman" while Ashlin was on her the air.

I don't really have a whole lot more to say. We, I mean I, am doing well. Stacy has been a great suppot to all of us.



Brandon & Amber Peterson said...

I can't believe how big your kids are! I found your blog off of Bill & Beka's blog. You should check out ours at:

Hope everything is going well in California!

Brandon & Amber Peterson said...

woops! It's:

Bringhursts said...

Troy is so big; that's awesome! Glad to see you guys are enjoying California.