Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Boy, it has been over a month since I graduated. You would think that in the past month there would have been some time to add something to this blog. However 4 weddings, a trip to California for a testand a wedding and most of the family being sick during the month time has sapped all the time that I have had.

The Girls are doing wonderfully. Ashlin is a jabber-box. She doesn't say any real words. She simply makes noise all the time. Abby is as active as ever. She is very bright and remembers the things that mom and dad tell her. She is constantly reminding us that we told her she could do something. However she seems to forget the things that she tells us she will do...like take a nap after a movie is over.

It was great to have everyone around for Graduation. To be honest I was not excited about walking but I am glad that I did. It was a great experience.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Life will be very busy for us as we start to plan our move back to California. That is sneaking up quick on us all.
The last trip to California we took the girls to the L.A. Zoo. We had a great time. The girls loved looking at the animals. Ashlin has shown that she is a real animal lover. She loves to pet lizards, tries to hold birds and chases dogs all over the park. I think she will be my only help in softening Stacy into getting a dog one day...way down the road.


Bringhursts said...

Ohhh, come on, Stacy, let them get a dog!

Baseball Grant said...

Thanks fer the support anjie. Stacy says that if you two move in and take care of the dog and keep it away from her, then it would be okay to get a dog. SEE...THERE'S HOPE!

Olivia McCord said...

You're moving to California! Why is everyone moving out of Provo? I just don't get it...

Your daughters are very cute. I remember Abby learning to walk in our living room. We'll miss you guys!