Thursday, March 1, 2007

Still Here

Yes, it has been a while. We are still alive and kickin'. The girls are doing very well. Ashlin has figured out her angry face. We seem to be getting this new face a lot as we have started to really crackdown on what she can get away with. She beats up on Abby regularly so we have started putting a stop to that so we can all live together in relative peace and harmony. Another reason that she does that face is because it is so cute that Mom and Dad laugh at her.

Ashlin had her first birthday. We invited some of Stacy's cousins to the house and we had a cake for Ashlin. She pretty well demolished the whole thing. We enjoyed watching her. Afterward, Ashlin took a bath and Dad took the highchair outside and sprayed it off with a hose. We all had a good time. The next morning, we woke up early and went to a Clark Family activity at the Lewis' house in Rigby, Idaho...a short 4 hour drive.

Abby is getting bigger and even more smart. Last night she was playing on the couch while the Home Teachers were here. Her hair is very thin and reacts well to static so it was, of course, standing on end. She thought it was funny and announced to everyone that her "hair is staticy." I am not sure how to spell that so here is a phonetic (sta-tick-ee). You get the idea.

Mom will be flying to California tomorrow night for a bridal shower for her good friend. So Saturday morning will be the first time she has woken up without any child responsibilities as both girls have been sentenced to stay with Dad in Utah. Life is rough.

For Dad, school seems to be going well. Somehow I am able to keep up with most everything. I try to harrass my teachers at least once every two weeks to make sure I am on track for an A in their course. I almost wish I would have done this sooner. This week I also started an Intro to the English Major course. It is taught by the same instructor that teaches my Senior Seminar class. (I was an Education major until this semester. Ed majors don't have to take the intro classes so when I switched to just English, it became a required course. That is how this all happened.)
We hope that all of you are having as good of luck as we are enjoying (knock on wood). Don't forget, Spring Training games have started. That means that spring and summer are coming quickly. We love you all.

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